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Collagen (Type I), FITC conjugated *Water Soluble*

Collagen (Type I), FITC conjugated *Water Soluble*
Description: AnaSpec offers two types of fluoresceinated collagen (type I). This product is water soluble and is used for quick fluorometric measurement of collagenase activity. In this protease substrate, collagen is heavily labeled with FITC, resulting in almost total quenching of the conjugate's fluorescence. Protease-catalyzed hydrolysis relieves this quenching conjugate, yielding brightly green fluorescent dye-labeled peptides. The increase in fluorescence intensity is directly proportional to protease activity. This fluoresceinated collagen is useful for detecting MMP-1 activity.
Order #: AS-85111
Unit Size: 1 mg
Supplier: AnaSpec
Restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
Shipping: Blue Ice
Storage: -20°C desiccated and protected from light
Subcategory: Fluorescent Dyes
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