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Gel Shift Single-strand DNA Binding Assay Kit Plus

Gel Shift Single-strand DNA Binding Assay Kit Plus
Description: Gel-shift single-strand DNA binding assay ׀ Single-strand DNA-binding protein (SSB) binds to single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) molecules or a single-stranded region of a double strand-DNA in a biological process such as DNA replication, recombination, or repair. For example, DNA helicase unwinds double-strand DNA to form single-strand DNA. E. coli SSB forms homotetramer; each subunit has a molecular weight of 19 kDa. The Gel Shift Single-strand DNA Binding Assay is designed for analysis of SSB DNA-binding activity using a conventional acrylamide electrophoresis. The SSB DNA-binding activity is visualized by the DNA band shift. The SSB-bound DNA migrates slower than the free DNA. This product includes 150 µl of 10 x Buffer, 150 µl of 10 x ssDNA, 150 µl of 2 mg/ml E. coli single-strand DNA binding protein SSB and 100 µl of 4 x gel loading buffer.
Order #: GSSB100KE-PF
Unit Size: 100 assays
Supplier: ProFoldin
Shipping: Blue Ice (-20°C)
Storage: See Manual
Subcategory: Binding and Separation
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