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Description: Modified Nucleoside-5′-Triphosphates. Base modified NTPs have been widely used for synthesis of modified mRNA to improve stability and reduce immunogenicity. ABP Biosciences offers a list of key base modified NTPs for mRNA synthesis. N1-Methylpseudo-UTP (N1-Methyl-Pseudouridine-5'-Triphosphate) is a modified NTP for incorporation into messenger RNAs (mRNA) using T7 RNA Polymerase. Incorporation of N1-methylpseudouridine can reduce the immunogenicity of the resulting mRNA. It was reported that N1-methylpseudouridine (m1Ψ) modification alone or in combination with 5-methylcytidine (m5C) exhibited superiority over the current state-of-the-art pseudouridine (Ψ) or m5C/Ψ-modified mRNA platform by providing up to ~44-fold (when comparing double modified mRNAs) and ~13-fold (when comparing single modified mRNAs) higher reporter gene expression in cells and mice, respectively. Moreover, compared with (m5C/)Ψ-modified mRNAs, (m5C/)m1Ψ-modified mRNAs showed reduced intracellular innate immunogenicity and resulted in improved cellular viability after in vitro transfection. Thus, N1-methylpseudo-UTP might serve as a useful ingredient for synthesizing drug able mRNAs with better performance.
Order #: LP009-2-ABP
Unit Size: 50 µL
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
Shipping: Ice Pack
Storage: -20°C
Subcategory: Nucleotides
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