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QuickStep™ 2 SOPE Resin

QuickStep™ 2 SOPE Resin
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Description: The QuickStep™ 2 PCR Purification System consist of two purifying reagents: An improved, patented SOPE™ Resin and the Optima™ DTR or Performa® DTR Resins. Patented SOPE (Solid-phase Oligo Protein Elimination) Resin binds and efficiently removes primers, ssDNA, enzymes, and other proteins, while Optima DTR or Performa DTR Resin efficiently removes >99.9% of salts, buffers, dNTPs, and other low molecular weight materials. Additional details: • Purified amplification products are collected and ready for subsequent enzymatic reactions • Quick two-spin protocol: Start to finish in only five minutes • Flexible formats: Single, 96-, and 384-well formats • Designed for sample volumes from 15 to 50 µl
Order #: 72406-EDG
Unit Size: 0.75 mL
Supplier: EdgeBio
Restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Subcategory: PCR Purification
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