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ExcelaPure 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kit

ExcelaPure 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kit
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Description: ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kits provide a simple, automatable, high-throughput method for purifying PCR reactions using ultra-filtration, and contain an optimized ultrafiltration membrane for high recovery of your PCR products. Additional details: • Excess primer, primer-dimers, dNTPs, and salts that may interfere with your downstream applications being efficiently removed • Contaminants are filtered to waste under vacuum pressure or centrifugation while your purified PCR products are retained on the membrane • Purified products are recovered after a quick elution and ready for immediate use • Optimized for varying sample volumes: 50-300 µl • Process manually or automate; fits onto any standard vacuum manifold and liquid handling instrument
Order #: 84900-EDG
Unit Size: 10 Plates
Supplier: EdgeBio
Restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Subcategory: PCR Purification
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