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ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase

ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase
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Description: ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase is a new generation superior enzyme based on Pfu DNA Polymerase for robust PCR with extreme fidelity. High amplification efficiency and template adaptability makes ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase suitable for almost all PCR reactions. ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase is capable of amplifying long fragments such as 40 kb λ DNA, 20 kb genomic DNA and 10 kb cDNA. The amplification error rate of ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase is 100-fold lower than that of Taq and 10-fold lower than that of Pfu. Super fidelity and supreme amplification efficiency make ABP HiFi DNA Polymerase the best choice for high fidelity PCR. Amplification will generate blunt-ended products, which are compatible with ABP One Step Cloning Kit.
Order #: D018-01-ABP
Unit Size: 100 Units
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
Shipping: Ice Pack
Storage: -20°C
Subcategory: PCR
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