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AmpliSens® Influenza virus А/В-FRT PCR kit

AmpliSens® Influenza virus А/В-FRT PCR kit
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Description: Influenza Virus A / B - Influenza A and B viruses routinely spread in people are responsible for seasonal flu epidemics. The emergence of a new influenza virus causing illness in people can result in a pandemic influenza. Influenza A viruses are divided into subtypes based on two proteins on the surface of the virus: hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N) and are constantly changing through a process called „antigenic drift“. Influenza B viruses naturally infect humans and seals. In comparison to influenza A viruses, influenza B viruses generally change more slowly. Influenza viruses are constantly changing through a process called „antigenic drift“. Influenza B viruses are only known to infect humans and seals. AmpliSens® Influenza virus A/B-FRT PCR kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for qualitative detection of RNA of Influenza virus A and Influenza virus В in biological material (nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs; sputum; aspirate of trachea; bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial washing fluid, autopsy material, viral culture) using real- time hybridization-fluorescence detection of amplified products.
Order #: R-V36-100-F-Mod(RG-iQ-Dt-CFX-SC)-CE-Ecoli
Unit Size: 100
Supplier: Ecoli Dx
Restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Shipping: See Manual
Storage: See Manual
Subcategory: PCR and Real-Time PCR Diagnostics
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