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12 x 13 cm DR Transilluminator

12 x 13 cm DR Transilluminator
Description: Dark Reader blue LED transilluminators reveal fluorescent DNA, RNA, proteins and other biological samples using visible blue light as the excitation source. There is NO damaging and dangerous ultra-violet radiation to worry about. Dark Reader blue light transilluminators can be used for viewing a wide range of fluorescent samples including SYBR Green, GelStar, GelGreen, SYPRO Ruby, ProQ Diamond, fluorescein and various GFPs. The miniature DR22A blue LED transilluminator (viewing surface dimensions: 13 x 12 cm) is designed for those on a budget – just big enough for viewing mini-gels. An amber screen that fits exactly over the blue surface is included with each transilluminator. The amber screen absorbs the blue excitation light, after it has illuminated the sample, thereby allowing the user(s) to clearly see the fluorescence. The amber screen can also be used as a camera filter. All Dark Reader transilluminators are also provided with a free pair of viewing glasses with exactly the same optical properties as the screen. The glasses are a key accessory for cutting bands out of gels.
Order #: DR-22A
Unit Size: 1
Supplier: Clare Chemical Research
Restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Non-UV Transilluminators
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