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Transcreener® CD73 FP Assay

Transcreener® CD73 FP Assay
Transcreener® CD73 FP Assay
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Description: The Transcreener CD73 Assay measures adenosine (ADO) produced by ecto-5'-nucleotidase (also known as 5'-nucleotidase, NT5E, Cluster of Differentiation 73 or CD73). By measuring the production of ADO researchers can effectively determine the activity of the enzyme. The assay provides a powerful tool to screen entire compound libraries for CD73 modulators to help find new therapeutics for diseases such as cancer. The assay uses a coupling enzyme that uses ADO produced by CD73 to produce the products AMP and ADP. ADP can then be measured using the trusted Transcreener ADP² Assay components. The kit comes complete with all the detection reagents required to measure activity. CD73 enzyme is not included in the inhibitor screening assay kit. Important Messenger for Purinergic Signaling: Ectonucleotidases are plasma membrane-bound enzymes with externally-oriented active sites that metabolize nucleotides to nucleosides and are crucial for maintaining immune homeostasis. CD39 hydrolyzes ATP and ADP to AMP. AMP is further processed to Adenosine by CD73 leading to a significant impact on many disease states. The Role of CD73 As a Therapeutic Target: CD73 is important in the Purinergic Signalling Pathway, processing AMP produced by CD39 into adenosine. This makes CD73 a main contributor in producing extracellular adenosine, aiding tumor growth and metastasis. Targeting CD73 inhibitors is a promising target in drug discovery to reduce extracellular adenosine produced by CD73 (Battastini et al, 2021). Studies show a key role for Adenosine in immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment with ectonucleotidases emerging as promising immuno-oncology targets. The Transcreener ADO CD73 Assay is an excellent tool for researchers examining the therapeutic effects of CD73.
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Supplier: BellBrook Labs
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Subcategory: Enzyme Assays
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