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Transcreener® dAMP FP Assay

Transcreener® dAMP FP Assay
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Description: Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay. The Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay directly measures dAMP produced by exonuclease enzymes as they cleave polynucleotides. These dAMP measurements allow researchers to effectively determine the activity of the enzyme. The assay provides a powerful tool to screen compound libraries for exonuclease modulators to help find new therapies for disease. One example is TREX1, a crucial component of the innate immune response where it acts as the main exonuclease responsible for degrading cytosolic DNA. How does the Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay Work? The Transcreener dAMP Exonulcease Assay determines exonuclease enzyme activity by directly measuring dAMP (deoxyadenosine monophosphate, deoxyadenylic acid, deoxyadenylate, or 2'-Deoxyadenosine-5'-monophosphate) that can be produced during biological functions like the degradation of DNA. By directly detecting dAMP in a homogenous format, it is possible to perform screening and enzymatic studies with virtually any enzyme that produces dAMP. Transcreener dAMP technology uses polyclonal mouse antibodies that selectively bind to dAMP and a far-red fluorescent tracer. As dAMP produced in the reaction competes with the tracer changing the fluorescent properties and providing fluorescent readout. The Transcreener dAMP Exonuclease Assay is available with an FP fluorescent readout. It is a simple mix-and-read format. Perform your enzyme reaction, add the detection reagents, and measure. The simplicity of the system yields robust results that also make it extremely amiable to HTS. Exonucleases as Drug Targets. One current model exonuclease target is Three Prime Repair Exonuclease 1 (TREX1) a crucial component of the innate immune response acting as the main exonuclease responsible for degrading cytosolic DNA. Reduction of cytosolic DNA leads to inactivation of the cGAS/STING Pathway, which is essential for intrinsic antitumor immunity. As a result, TREX1 plays a pro-tumorigenic role in cancer, and its inactivation is a promising strategy for future monotherapy and combination treatments. The Discovery of TREX1 antagonists to reign in overactivity requires selective technologies that can help assess the ability to interact with the target. Robust, HTS-ready assays that are accurate yet flexible provide a powerful tool to accelerate discovery.
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