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PrimeSurface 96 Slit-well Plate

Description: New design of ultra-low attachment 3D plates to facilitate easy handling of media exchange without disrupting spheroid formation. Enhanced stem cell culturing in regenerative medicine: Cell culturing involves frequent media replacement to provide nutrition to growing cells. In a standard 96 well ultra-low cell attachment plate, media aspiration or dispensing has to be done extremely carefully to avoid disturbing the unattached spheroid, making this a time-consuming operation. With the introduction of PrimeSurface® 96 Slit-well Plate, media exchange for 96 well plates can be efficiently handled with one step dispensing or aspiration for all 96 wells decreasing the pipetting time by over 80% while minimizing the risk of spheroid damage.
Order #: MS-9096SZ
Unit Size: 20
Supplier: S-BIO
shipping: RT
storage: RT
restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Product Subcategory: 3D Cell Culture
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