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Filter (large) 90 µm pore size, for Mobicol M1002, M1003, M1050 & M1053

Filter (large) 90 µm pore size, for Mobicol M1002, M1003, M1050 & M1053
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Mobicol Accessories: MoBiTec offers a variety of filters with different pore sizes and diameters for its mini columns. With this range, the users can select the ideal size for their applications for optimal performance. You can choose between small and large filters of different diameters. For gravity-flow chromatography, we strongly recommend using large filters as the flow through the column is otherwise too slow, not uniform, and can also break off completely. For spinning, both small and large filters can be selected. If you choose the smaller filters, you will have a larger working volume (minimal death volume). This is due to the fact that the smaller filters are located further down in the column body. You can also select from various filter pore sizes - 10 µm, 35 µm, and 90 µm. The appropriate filter pore size depends on your matrix. The matrix used should not pass through the filter pores.

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