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Autotaxin Activity Assay

Autotaxin Activity Assay
Description: The Autotaxin Activity Assay gives a quantitative measurement of autotaxin (ATX) activity in biological samples by measuring changes in fluorescence over time. Sample Volume: 400 µL / sample (50 µL per well, 8 wells per sample) Sample Number: 10 samples (in duplicate) / 96 well assay Sample Type: Currently this kit has been tested for the quantification of autotaxin activity in serum, plasma, ovarian ascites, and cell culture media. Product Background The Autotaxin Activity Assay, developed by Echelon Biosciences Inc., utilizes the fluorogenic autotaxin substrate, FS-3. FS-3 is an LPC analogue that is conjugated with both a fluorophore and a quencher. In its native state the quencher interferes with the fluorophore"s fluorescence however, once autotaxin cleaves FS-3, the fluorophore becomes liberated from the quencher, resulting in increased fluorescence. This assay gives a quantitative measurement of autotaxin activity in biological samples by measuring changes in fluorescence over time. Because the assay is not end point based, it has the advantage of being less susceptible to error arising from mistiming the addition of components to different sample wells. The final readout is in quantitative units that correct for inconsistencies between different users equipment. Note to Purchaser:Echelon Biosciences products are sold for research and development purposes only and are not to be incorporated into products for resale without written permission from Echelon Biosciences. The compound FS-3 and its use in assaying for Lysophospholipase D activity are covered by Echelon Biosciences Inc. US patent 7, 989, 663. The purchase of this product includes a limited, non-transferable immunity from suit under the foregoing patent claims for using only this amount of product for the purchaser's own internal research. For inquiries email
Order #: K-4100-EAKIT-EC
Unit Size: EA KIT
Supplier: Echelon Biosciences
Restrictions: Available in all European countries, except France & Italy.
Shipping: Dry Ice Or Gel Ice Depending On Destination
Storage: -20 °C
Subcategory: Kits & Assays
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