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rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (50x96 preps)

rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens (50x96 preps)
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Description: rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens - Total nucleic acid extraction for pathogen detection, automation-ready: rQ MagSi-NA Pathogens is an automation-ready-to-use kit for pathogen DNA and RNA extraction from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal swabs, or any other respiratory samples. It is based on the proven, market-leading MagSi-NA Pathogens kit. Components are delivered pre-filled in deepwell plates to be directly used in PurePrep 96, 32, 16 or KingFisher automated, nucleic acid purification systems. Features: • Conveniently pre-filled in plate formats • Minimal hands-on time; Less errors • More consistent and reproducible results • Consistently high yield of viral RNA • Very strong magnetic beads enable fast magnetic separation even from viscous sample lysates • Suitable for many enzymatic down-stream applications in particular RT-qPCR and sequencing • Run time on PurePrep systems is about 20 min • Ready-to-use on PurePrep 96, PurePrep 32/16 or KingFisher automated nucleic acid purification systems • Based on the proven, market-leading MagSi-NA Pathogens kit
Order #: MDKT00215096PF-mag
Unit Size: 50x96 preps
Supplier: magtivio
Subcategory: Automation-Ready Purification
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