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Description: Ferrimagnetic silica beads, developed for use in microfluidic and chip-based genomic setups but also well suited for tube or microplate setups. Microfluidics deals with the precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small, typically sub-millimeter, scale. In the field of molecular biology the whole DNA extraction, amplification and detection process can be integrated on a chip. This not only simplifies the process for end-users, but also implies a significant cost reduction per preparation. Miniaturized setups even allow for the development and implementation of multiplexed assays (e.g. qPCR). Faster protocols are possible due to the shorter reaction steps and/or quicker separation times. Eventually, portable devices can (and will) be developed with direct application for point-of-care diagnostics. MagSi-DNA mf and MagSi-DNA mf COOH are special ferrimagnetic, silica beads, developed for use in microfluidic and chip-based genomic setups. They can be applied for the extraction of nucleic acids within the confined spaces and channels of DNA-chips. When desired, MagSi-DNA mf beads can also serve as a platform for various surface modifications, like activation (COOH, NH2 etc.), or by coupling (proteins, antibodies etc.).
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