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MagSi-S Epoxy 1.0

MagSi-S Epoxy 1.0
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Description: MagSi-Tools are surface activated magnetic beads for immobilization of proteins (antibodies, enzymes), peptides, nucleic acids or other molecules of interest. Different surface modifications allow for choosing the optimal product for the right molecule to be coupled, and for the intended application. The MagSi platform has a broad range of functionalization possibilities such as COOH, NH2, SH, CHO, tosyl, hydrazide and epoxy. MagSi-Tools products are available with 600 nm, 1.0 µm or 3.0 µm mean diameter. MagSi-S Epoxy: Magnetic silica particles with epoxy modified surface. Intended for coupling to enzymes and other NH2-containing molecules.
Order #: MD03010-mag
Unit Size: 10 mL
Supplier: magtivio
Subcategory: Research Tools
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