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Minute™ Hi-Efficiency Exosome Isolation Reagent (Non-PEG)

Description: Exosomes are vesicles secreted by cells. They are present in a variety of body fluids such as serum, ascites, spinal cord fluid, urine, and saliva. Cultured cells also secrete significant number of exosomes. The size distribution of exosome is ranging from 30-120 nm. The biological function of exosomes is believed to serve as intercellular messengers. Filtration and ultracentrifugation are classical ways of isolating and enriching exosomes. This is a tedious process and requires special equipment. Another common way for enrichment of exosome is through precipitation. Currently major commercial kits are PEG-based. EI-027 is designed to precipitate total exosomes from biofluids using a high efficacy, non-PEG based reagent for exosome precipitation. This kit is suitable for routine biofluid samples using the same reagent and similar protocol.
Order #: EI-027
Unit Size: 20 ml
Supplier: Invent Biotechnologies
shipping: Ambient RT
storage: RT
Product Subcategory: Cell Fractionation
restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
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