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Minute™ Adipose Tissue Fractionation Kit

Minute™ Adipose Tissue Fractionation Kit
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Description: On average, total cellular proteins account for less than 2% of adipose tissue. Adipose tissue, especially white adipose tissue, has been recognized as an important endocrine and inflammation organ in addition to its energy storage function. Fractionation and analysis of proteins from adipose tissue are critical for understanding many physiological/pathological conditions. However, fractionation of adipose tissue is challenging due to its high lipid and low protein contents. The water-oil emulsion present in biological samples is notoriously difficult to separate, but we have developed a cutting-edge technology to deal with this issue: a porous filter with unique surface property and predefined pore size coupling that has a specially formulated detergent-free fractionation buffer. This is the key to fractionating adipose tissue into two: water-soluble protein fraction and water insoluble fraction. The buffers used in this kit are free of primary amine, detergent and reducing agents. Isolated proteins are compatible with all downstream applications including TMT labeling, enzyme digestion, MS analysis and other applications.
Order #: AF-023-INV
Unit Size: 20 Tests
Supplier: Invent Biotechnologies
Restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
Shipping: Ambient
Storage: 4°C
Subcategory: Cell Fractionation/Protein Trafficking
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