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Tn5 Transposase

Description: ABPNGS Tn5 Transposase is a hyperactive form of Tn5 transposase. This enzyme can be used to randomly insert Tn5 Transposon into any target DNA, in vitro. In addition to Tn5 Transposase, efficient transposition requires that each Tn5 Transposon have a specific 19-bp transposase recognition sequence (Mosaic End or ME sequence) at each of its ends. ABPNGS Tn5 Transposase catalyzes a multi-step “cut and paste” transposition reaction. Initially, the enzyme binds the 19-bp ME of the transposon to form a Transposome. The transposome then randomly attacks and cleaves the phosphodiester backbone of the target DNA. Finally, the Tn5 Transposase catalyzes the covalent linkage of the 3′-OH ends of the transposon to the exposed 5′-phosphorylated ends of the target DNA. Transposition creates a 9-bp sequence duplication immediately flanking the transposon insertion site.
Order #: TN501-2-ABP
Unit Size: 100 Units
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
shipping: Blue ice
Product Subcategory: Enzymes
storage: −20 ℃
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