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Histone H4 (1-7), N-Terminal - 1 mg

Histone H4 (1-7), N-Terminal - 1 mg
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Description: This is amino acids 1 to 7 fragment of the histone H4. Alterations in chromatin structure, such as nucleosome sliding, removal of nucleosomes, and disruption of DNA–histone or histone–histone contacts through post-translational modification of the histones, have been linked to transcriptional regulation, DNA damage repair, and replication, among other cellular processes. Modification of histones occurs primarily in the N-terminal residues or tail region. These modifications include phosphorylation, ubiquitinylation, methylation, sumolyation, and acetylation. Lys5 may serve as the acetylation site for this peptide.
Order #: AS-62754
Unit Size: 1 mg
Supplier: AnaSpec
Restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
Shipping: RT
Storage: - 20 °C
Subcategory: Peptides
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