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Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Blood Vessels

Description: Blood vessels (arteries and veins) are made of specialized connective tissues. There are three layers of tissues in blood vessels: tunica, tunica media and endothelium. Due to their unique structures, blood vessels are notoriously difficult to homogenize. It is also very difficult to lyse the cells in the tissue for total protein extraction. Traditional solution-based protein extraction methods, such as RIPA, are inefficient and the protein yield is very low. The profile of extracted protein is also biased with solution-based (incomplete protein profile) methods. This kit provides a highly efficient method for total protein extraction from human or animal blood vessels by a combination of mechanical extraction and chemical lysis. The cell lysis buffers used are much stronger than the RIPA buffer. The kit features a simple, fast single-tube protocol and optimized buffers for blood vessels. Researchers have the option to choose either a denaturing or native cell lysis buffer, which is specifically tailored for blood vessels. The whole procedure takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the protein yield is in the range of 1-3 mg/ml. The materials provided are sufficient for 50 extractions.
Order #: SA-03-BV
Unit Size: 50 Tests
Supplier: Invent Biotechnologies
shipping: Ambient RT
storage: RT
Product Subcategory: Protein Extraction
restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
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