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PIA-PINK-His, Konjugat-Pads, 10 Stk.

PIA-PINK-His, Konjugat-Pads, 10 Stk.
Description: Gold Labelled Mouse-Anti-(His)6-Tag Antibody for Immunodetection: PIA-PINK-His is a conjugate of anti-His-tag antibody and gold nanoparticles. It is suitable for immunobased detection of poly-histidine-labelled proteins. PIA-PINK-His Conjugate Pad is tested for western blot and dot blot. The conjugate can also be used for detection in colony tests and plate tests. It reduces the steps of antibody binding, washing and detection to a single step, usually completed in 20 to 60 minutes. No secondary antibody is needed. PIA-PINK-His Conjugate Pad contains conjugate immobilized on a cotton pad. Like this, the conjugate is stable at room temperature even without addition of conservatives. The conjugate is reconstituted in 10 mL blocking buffer. For reconstitution use 10 ml 1x TBS supplemented with 1.5 % BSA and 0.1 % Tween 20, pH 8.0. The ideal Tween 20 concentration depends on your sample and thus requires individual adaptation. Each Pad contains the optimal amount of conjugate for immunostaining an 8 x 10 cm mini-gel.
Order #: V102-10
Unit Size: 10 pcs.
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Western Blot
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