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TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent

Description: Superior transient transfection for high yield baculovirus titers in insect cells. Insect cell expression is a platform used to produce proteins with simple post-translational modifications. Transient transfection and recombinant baculovirus production are commonly used methods for insect cell expression. TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent is an animal-origin free transfection reagent specifically optimized for high gene expression in a variety of insect cell types that offers exceptional DNA delivery in insect cell types including Sf9, High Five™ and S2.
Order #: MIR6105
Unit Size: 5 x 1 ml
Supplier: Mirus Bio Corp.
storage: -20°C
shipping: Blue Ice (-20°C)
Product Subcategory: Insect Cell
restrictions: Only available in Germany, Austria and Hungary
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