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10 x Humidifying Pad Petri Dish

10 x Humidifying Pad Petri Dish
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Description: Droplet Microarray ACCESSORIES: To keep a stably humid environment, the Humidifying Pads can be wetted with the Humidifying Buffer InQClassic. The pads attach themselves to the lid of either a cell culture dish (AQP-0002), in which you incubate the DMA Slide, or in the lid of the DMA-Plate-One (AQP-0003).
Order #: AQP-0002-AQ
Unit Size: 1 Unit
Supplier: Aquarray GmbH
Restrictions: Available worldwide except for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Customers from the D-A-CH region have to contact Aquarray directly for ordering.
Subcategory: Microarrays
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