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Discover New Therapeutics to Enhance Tumor Immunity

Transcreener® CD73 Assay - Discover New Therapeutics to Enhance Tumor Immunity

The new Transcreener CD73 Assay measures adenosine production by CD73. Adenosine is an immunosuppressive molecule. Suppressing the immune response is one way cancer cells can remain active and prolific. The assay will accelerate efforts to discover selective CD73 antagonists for cancer immunotherapy by enabling high-throughput screening, structure-driven hit-to-lead, and mechanistic studies with the purified enzyme.


  • Measure enzymatic activity of CD73
  • Screen compound libraries for CD73 inhibitors
  • Quantify inhibitor potency (IC50)


  • Detection of unlabeled Adenosine
  • Easy-to-use, homogenous, one-step format
  • Far-red fluorescent readout minimizes compound interference; validated on major multimode readers

Transcreener® HTS Assays: Universal Detection of Nucleotide Dependent Enzymes

Transcreener is a universal assay method that can be used across entire families of nucleotide-dependent enzymes. Rather than using separate assays for a multitude of specific reaction products, such as phosphorylated proteins or lipids, a single nucleotide detection assay can be used for all of the enzymes that generate a common nucleotide product. For example, ADP detection can be used as a universal kinase assay method for any protein, lipid, or carbohydrate kinase.

Product Details: Transcreener® CD73 FP Assay