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Droplet Microarray ‒ For Miniaturized High-Throughput Screening


  • - Transparent two-dimensional array format – no auto-fluorescence
  • - High throughput: 588-6040 spots per array of 21 mm x 72 mm format
  • - Custom array design possible
  • - Low cell numbers: 1-300 cells per spot
  • - Controllable culturing volumes: 5 to 250 nL per spot
  • - Compatibility with both 2D and 3D cell culture models
  • - Compatibility with SBS (SLAS/ANSI) standard spacing between spots
  • - Compatibility with existing equipment for cell-based screening
  • - Compatible with on-chip solution-based and solid-phase synthesis
  • - Compatible with on-chip compound characterization by MALDI-MS and spectroscopy

What are Droplet Microarrays (DMAs)?

  • DMAs are transparent and fully planar arrays consisting of hydrophilic spots separated by superhydrophobic barriers based on Aquarray's patented technology
  • Micropatterning enables Droplet Microarrays in the nanoliter range with high-density
  • Use of nanoliter spots enables significant savings

DMAs - A Miniaturized Array Platform

Miniaturization of Microplate Assays

Advantages of Droplet Microarrays

  • Reduces reagent costs by factor of 1000 (less reagent required)
  • Reduces cell costs by a factor of 100 (less cells required)
  • Enables screening of rare patient material or limited biological samples
  • Compatible with adherent and suspension cells
  • Individual ready-to-use drug libraries allow immediate cell screening
  • Applications beyond the microplate can be realized (e.g., MALDI-TOF, on-chip synthesis)
  • Flexible format options, customizable/functionalized surfaces
  • Fast filling of DMAs due to small volumes

DMA Product Range

  • Wide range of DMA slides, DMA plates and accessories for all possible screening scenarios and applications
  • Standard borosilicate glass or ITO-coated glass with conductive and IR-reflective properties
  • Different surface coatings compatible with aqueous media or with aqueous solutions of organic solvents
  • Round or square spots in various sizes, spacings and spot numbers


More Details

You can find more information about the technology as well as brochures, protocols, application notes and YouTube tutorials on the

 Aquarray Supplier Page