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HTS Compatible cGAS Enzyme Activity Assay

Cyclic GAMP synthase (cGAS) is a recently discovered enzyme that is rapidly emerging as a master regulator of the immune system and thus as a compelling therapeutic target for debilitating autoimmune diseases, including lupus, as well as for cancer immunotherapy.

The new Transcreener® cGAMP cGAS Assay directly measures cyclic GMP-AMP (cGAMP) produced by cGAS. By measuring the production of cGAMP researchers can effectively determine the activity of the cGAS enzyme.

The assay provides a powerful tool to screen entire compound libraries for cGAS modulators to help find new therapeutics targeting the cGAS-STING pathway.

  • Direct detection of unlabeled cGAMP
  • Easy to use, single addition, mix-and read format
  • For high-throughput screening (HTS)
  • Compatibility with commonly used multimode plate readers

Transcreener® HTS Assays: Universal Detection of Nucleotide Dependent Enzymes

Transcreener is a universal assay method that can be used across entire families of nucleotide-dependent enzymes. Rather than using separate assays for a multitude of specific reaction products, such as phosphorylated proteins or lipids, a single nucleotide detection assay can be used for all of the enzymes that generate a common nucleotide product. For example, ADP detection can be used as a universal kinase assay method for any protein, lipid, or carbohydrate kinase.

Product Details:
 Transcreener® cGAMP cGAS FP Assay