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Mammalian Protein Expression Systems

CHOgro® High Yield Expression System - Ideal for Biotherapeutic Protein Production

A cost-effective transient transfection system for high yield protein production in suspension CHO cells. It features the CHOgro® Titer Enhancer, which provides rapid, industry-leading protein yields.

  • High Yield - Reach higher antibody titers in seven days - faster than the ExpiCHO Expression System
  • Simple Workflow - Same-day transfection, enhancer addition, and temperature shift
  • Worry-Free - No commercial license required; animal origin-free

CHO Cells… The Cell Factories of Choice

  • Attractive growth characteristics
  • Able to produce post-translationally modified and active protein
  • Preferred cell type due to safety and regulatory concerns

Product Details: CHOgro High Yield Expression System