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New Vector for High-Level Extracellular Protein Production in Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis has become an increasingly popular host for recombinant protein expression. With its ability to secrete proteins directly into culture media, amenability to medium- and large-scale fermentation, no significant bias in codon usage, and designation by the U.S. FDA as an organism that is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), it‘s not surprising that the majority of industrially-produced enzymes are expressed in Bacillus species such as B. subtilis.

With the new pHT1469 expression vector MoBiTec offers now an easy to handle tool for high yield protein production and secretion into the culture medium.


  • pHT1469 contains the strong Pgrac100 promoter with improved regulatory elements / induction by IPTG
  • Robust, high-yield expression of heterologous proteins
  • B. subtilis / E. coli shuttle vector for convenient cloning
  • Protein purification via 8xHis-tag
  • Enhanced signal sequence of amyQ for protein export
  • Host strain for secretory protein production available:
  • B. subtilis WB800N – an eightfold extracellular protease-deficient strain


Product Details: pHT1469 vector