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A-synuclein A30P

A-synuclein A30P
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Description: Neurodegeneration: Express bright fluorescent biosensors for cell stress and signaling with your neurodegenerative-associated protein of interest in your favorite neuronal culture or cell line. Examine ER stress, the UPR, and signaling biology in cells directly affected by neurodegenerative disease. Identify and optimize therapeutic compounds and express mutant proteins related to neurodegeneration. Detect Disrupted Signaling in Neurodegeneration: Monitor changes in signaling biology from mutant protein expression and cell-based models of disease. Screen for compounds that restore normal cellular signaling. Examine disrupted cellular signaling associated with protein misfolding and ER stress.
Order #: N0420N-005
Unit Size: 5 ml Kit
Supplier: Montana Molecular
Restrictions: Available in all European countries.
Shipping: Cool Pack
Storage: 4 °C
Subcategory: Signaling in Neurodegeneration
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