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ArcLight Voltage Sensor

ArcLight Voltage Sensor
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Description: ArcLight is a genetically-encoded, fluorescent voltage sensor in a BacMam viral delivery vector. Monitor electrical activity in excitable cells with changes in green fluorescence. Standard stock comes with CMV promoter. Other promoters are available, please inquire! ‖ A genetically-encoded, fluorescent voltage sensing protein in a BacMam viral delivery system is a noninvasive, easy-to-use tool for studying the electrical activity of live neurons. ArcLight was created from Ciona intestinalis voltage sensor and the fluorescent protein, super ecliptic pHluorin. Its change in fluorescence intensity is an incredible five times greater than previously reported probes, 35% in response to a 100-mV depolarization, and largely possible due to a single point mutation in the fluorescent protein. When ArcLight was expressed in cultured mouse hippocampal neurons and Drosophilia neurons (Cao 2013), single action potentials and subthreshold events could be detected. It was also largely membrane localized in neuronal dendrites.
Order #: D0700G-010
Unit Size: 10 ml Kit
Supplier: Montana Molecular
Restrictions: Available in all European countries.
Shipping: Cool Pack
Storage: 4 °C
Subcategory: Cell Signaling
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