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Beta-arrestin - GLP-1R Assay

Beta-arrestin - GLP-1R Assay
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Description: Live Cell β-Arrestin Assays - Genetically-encoded fluorescent arrestin assays that detect changes in arrestin recruitment in real time: Detect agonist bias in living cells • Measure kinetic cellular responses • Monitor Arrestin and G-limb signaling using the same modality • Detect responses simultaneously or in parallel. Receptor-Specific Kits: Kits are available to detect arrestin recruitment at specific GPCRs. They include the Arrestin sensor, GPCR and relevant GRK in BacMam, positive control agonist, and sodium butyrate. Kits for Angiotensin II (AT1R), Vasopressin (V2R), GLP-1, Mu Opioid (OPRM1), and beta2-adrenergic (B2AR) receptors are available now. We are continuing to validate new receptors. Detecting Agonist Bias: Easily capture signaling kinetics • Make direct comparisons of arrestin and G-limb activity • Monitor responses in parallel plates using the same assay modality • Compare green Arrestin and red G-limb responses in the same well • Monitor the time course of GPCR activity in a single assay • Use validated, intuitive Pharmechanics analysis to assess bias with kinetic data
Order #: D1020G-010
Unit Size: 10 ml Kit
Supplier: Montana Molecular
Restrictions: Available in all European countries.
Shipping: Cool Pack
Storage: 4 °C
Subcategory: Cell Signaling
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