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DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay Kit (ProFoldin Product Code: DBF100K)

DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay Kit (ProFoldin Product Code: DBF100K)
Description: DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay. DNA-binding property of compounds often interferes with enzymatic assays when DNA is employed as a template or substrate. The DNA-binding property of compounds is also undesirable in drug discovery in consideration of potential toxicity of the compounds in vivo. For example, compound binding to DNA may interrupt the biological functions of the DNA. Compound DNA-binding may also interfere with detection of the DNA molecules. The principle of the DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay is to detect the fluorescence signal change caused by DNA binding with a selected dye B22 or fluorescence interference at fluorescence emission at 535 nm (excitation at 485 nm). The assay is not be significantly affected by proteins and salt concentrations. The assay can be used to assess the DNA-binding properties of compounds and compounds with fluorescence at 535 nm which are interested in enzymatic assays or drug discovery. It includes 550 µl of 10 x Buffer, 110 µl of 10 x DNA and 110 µl of 10 x Dye B22.
Order #: PFD-DBF100K
Unit Size: 100 assays
Supplier: ProFoldin
Shipping: Blue Ice (-20°C)
Storage: See Manual
Subcategory: Binding and Separation
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