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Bench Top Fermenters: Replacement Kit Pump: Air Pump

Bench Top Fermenters: Replacement Kit Pump: Air Pump
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Description: Bench Top Fermenters - Our fermenter units are designed for easy bench-top handling. They are easy to use and combine practical aspects with low costs. The fermenter units have a capacity of either 100 ml or 1 to 2 liters. Each unit has a series of ports. Every port is sealed by a heavy-duty screw cap with silicone washer or septum. A magnetic stir bar is included as well as long 10 cm needles for taking samples through the septa. The units fit into even the smallest of upright autoclaves. Replacement parts are available separately. Features: • Easy handling • Saving space • Excellent yields • High culture density • Delivered with all essential components •Competitive price.
Order #: F0204
Unit Size: Kit
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Fermenter
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