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UV Plate, 96 Well, black body

UV Plate, 96 Well, black body
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Description: UV Plate - UV Light Transparent Multiwell Plates: • UV light transmission • SBS/Ansi conform plate • Transparent or black plate body. Application: UV spectroscopy, detection of OD between 240 and 800 nm, evaluation of DNA and RNA purity, label free quantification of DNA, RNA and small molecules. Due to its ultrathin film bottom (25 μm) made from a high-performance polymer this microwell plate provides excellent light transmission not only in the visible wavelength spectrum but already in the UV-A and UV-B light spectrum. In combination with an UV plate reader the purity of DNA and RNA can be detected. Furthermore, the concentration of UV light adsorbing small molecules, DNA and RNA can be detected without addition of any stains and markers. Plate variants with transparent and black plate bodies are offered. The black bodied plates are recommended when UV light transmission measurements shall be combined with fluorescence measurements. UV Plates are delivered in boxes of 40 plates, 10 plates per bag, without lid. UV Plates are not sterilized. The plate is designed in accordance with SBS guidelines and is suitable for automated throughput screenings.
Order #: 2146-40
Unit Size: 40
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Cell Culture Plates
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