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Imaging Plate 6 FC, black body, sterile

Imaging Plate 6 FC, black body, sterile
Imaging Plate 6 FC, black body, sterile
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Description: Imaging Plates FC ‒ Black multiwell plates with fluorocarbon film bottom. Features: • Gas permeable bottom • UV light transmission • Low skirt design, complete area access with immersion objectives • Tissue Culture surface • Excellent planarity. Applications: Life cell imaging, immunohistochemistry, super high-resolution microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, high content analysis, hypoxia studies, phototoxicity studies. Description: The Imaging Plate FC is a black multiwell plate compliant to the SBS (Society for Biomolecular Screening) standard format with a bottom made from a 25 µm fluorocarbon film (FC). During the manufacturing the thin film is stretched around each individual well bottom to provide tension and planarity. Because of the thin bottom and material properties the plates show excellent light transmission rates even for UV-A and UV-B light. The intrinsic fluorescence of the material is much lower if compared to conventional polystyrene bottoms with significant reduction of background signals. Furthermore, the film bottom enables a high gas transfer through the film. Oxygen supply and equilibration with the atmosphere are achieved directly through the plate bottom. The plate bodies are made from polystyrene and tightly bonded to the FC film. The Imaging Plate FC can be used for high resolution Live Cell Imaging. In addition, direct fixation and staining within the plates is possible (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, alcohols and acetone can be used). Acetone should not be applied more than 10 minutes because the plate body is made from polystyrene and subsequent to the material reaction the film bottom may detach. The Imaging Plate FC can be used between -20°C and 50°C. Due to the thin film bottom the application of high-resolution immersion objectives with high numerical aperture is possible. For optimal focus control when objectives with 40x magnification and higher the use of objectives with correction rings or collars is recommended. Water, oil and glycerin can be used as immersion media. Note: All polymer plate bodies react to temperature shifts with dimensional changes. Please take care that the plate and its environment have equal temperature during microscopy to minimize focal shifts and reduce refocusing.
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