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Imaging Chamber 1 Well, CG 1.5, sterile

Imaging Chamber 1 Well, CG 1.5, sterile
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Description: Imaging Chamber CG ‒ Chambered cover glass with removable chambers: • Tool free removable chambers • Tissue Culture surface borosilicate cover glass • High temperature and chemical resistance. Applications: • Life Cell Imaging • Immunohistochemistry • Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization. Description: Imaging Chamber CG products are chambered cell culture vessels with a bottom made from 170 µm cover glass. Chambers and lids are made from high performance polymers and are sealed against the glass bottoms by biological inert silicone adhesive. At the end of the experiments the glasses can be detached from the polymer chambers and used for further processing or archiving. The high-performance polymer of chamber bodies and lids withstands temperatures up to 90°C. Due to this temperature stability the Imaging Chambers show also excellent stability of the focus plane when the chambers are exposed to temperature shifts (e.g., when the chambers are transported from the incubator to the microscope). Furthermore, the Imaging Chambers are resistant against many chemicals (e.g., acetone, DMSO, alcohols). Therefore, the full products are suitable for in-situ hybridization technologies as well as for a wide range of fixation and staining protocols. The cover glass of the Imaging Chamber CG is made from 170 µm borosilicate glass compliant to hydrolytic class I. Imaging Chamber CG with cover glass bottom can be used for high resolution microscopy with immersion objectives (providing a high numerical aperture). Cell adhesion, spreading and distribution are supported by over improved surface modification known from our Imaging Plate CG products. The Imaging Chamber CG is available in 1 well, 2 well, 4 well and 8 well format.
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Subcategory: Cell Imaging Consumables
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