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Mobicol Spin Fixed with screw cap, fixed outlet plug and inserted small 10 µm filter

Mobicol Spin Fixed with screw cap, fixed outlet plug and inserted small 10 µm filter
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Description: Empty Mini Columns: Mobicol Spin – Speed-Up your Purification with a Microcentrifuge. The Mobicol Spin columns are developed as fast and convenient routine tool for clean-up of biomolecules by spinning. They can be used without matrix or filled with a matrix of your choice, e.g., for performing size exclusion or affinity chromatography. Independent on the preferred chromatography, the handling is easy: load the sample on the column, spin, and collect the flow-through. For collection, the Mobicol Spin column must be placed in a 1.5 ml or 2 ml microtube before centrifugation. Compared to gravitation chromatography, spinning is faster. Features: • Mini spin columns (up to 800 µl) for use in a standard microcentrifuge • Comes empty - fill in your own material (matrix, gel slice, etc.) • Suitable for the purification of nucleic acids, peptides, proteins, and more • Easy handling: load sample, spin, and collect the purified product • Less than 4 minutes per application • Reproducible results • No sample dilution • Versatile in use • Filters of different sizes are offered to customize the columns to your specific needs. Two types of Mobicol Spin columns are available: Mobicol Spin Classic and Mobicol Spin Fixed. Both column types differ slightly in shape, but are totally equal regarding sample processing properties. The Classic variant has a separate and manually insertable plug for the outlet (bottom plug), whereas the Fixed type comes in one piece with a fixed snap-off plug. The Mobicol Spin Fixed can be packed, stored, or shipped with no leakage. The outlet is 100% tight (even at varying pressures, e.g., transportation in airplanes) until bent off. The reverse side of the snap-off plug can then be used for relocking.
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