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Bottom Plugs (for Mobicol Gravi Classic or Mobicol Spin Classic)

Bottom Plugs (for Mobicol Gravi Classic or Mobicol Spin Classic)
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Description: Mobicol Accessories ‒ For Gravity-Flow Chromatography. The Luer-Lock adapters at the inlet and outlet of the Mobicol Gravi columns enable the purification of larger sample volumes that exceed the actual capacity of the mini column or even partial automation of the process. For this purpose, MoBiTec offers a variety of adapters to enable the connection of larger reservoirs or even to attach chromatography tubing to the top cap. Without any additional adapter, a syringe can be connected to the Luer-Lock cap. The polypropylene Luer-Lock Adapter M (M3003) for tubing connection to the inlet of the column allows a flow-through mode at low pressure, whereas the Luer-Lock Adapter F (M3004) is suitable for a tubing connection to the outlet of the column. Furthermore, the Luer-Lock Adapter M/M (M3007) facilitates the connection of the inlet to a Luer-Lock system. The Tubing-to-Luer-Lock Adapter (M3001) enables a safe connection from a pump to the inlet of a Mobicol. The One-Way Stopcock (Luer-Lock F; M3006) is a convenient tool for controlling flow-through at the in- or outlet. Additionally, Luer-Lock Caps (M3009) and Bottom Plugs (M3005) can be ordered separately.
Order #: M3005
Unit Size: 50
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Lab Columns & Accessories
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