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SensoLyte® Anti-Human MOG (1-125) Mouse IgG Specific ELISA Kit Colorimetric - 1 kit

SensoLyte® Anti-Human MOG (1-125) Mouse IgG Specific ELISA Kit Colorimetric - 1 kit
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Description: Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily and is expressed exclusively in the central nervous system. Human MOG (1-125) is able to induce autoantibody production and relapsing-remitting neurological disease causing extensive plaque-like demyelination. Autoantibody response to human MOG (1-125) has been observed in induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in DA and Lewis rats, C57/BL6 and SJL mice, and common marmoset. However, the exact pathological role and action of anti-human MOG (1-125) autoantibody is not known and is currently under vigorous investigation. This kit is optimized to detect anti-human MOG (1-125) IgG in mouse serum or cerebrospinal fluid. Wells are pre-coated with recombinant human MOG (1-125) protein and pre-blocked with BSA. The amount of anti-human MOG IgG in serum or cerebrospinal fluid is quantified using ELISA. Mouse anti-human MOG IgG standard is included. Ample materials and reagents are provided to perform 96 assays in a 96-well plate format.
Order #: ASP-AS-55153-M
Unit Size: 1 kit
Supplier: AnaSpec
Restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
Shipping: 4 °C
Storage: 4 °C
Subcategory: Enzyme Assay Kits
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