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Mobicol with immobilized Pepsin

Mobicol with immobilized Pepsin
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Description: Enzyme immobilization provides enzyme reutilization and prevents the loss of enzyme activity. The technique further results in increased activity by providing a more suitable microenvironment for the enzyme substrate reaction. Moreover, immobilized systems can provide better enzyme thermostability and pH tolerance. The method curtails redundant downstream and purification processes. MoBiTec offers mini columns containing a G3m matrix with covalently immobilized enzymes for quick substrate-to-product turnover. The immobilized enzymes are stable in aqueous media at a pH range of 5 to 10 and column bleeding is negligible. The "stiff" linkers, which keep the enzymes from the matrix surface, effectively eliminate steric hindrance. This results in high activity of enzymes in the immobilized state. The enzyme reaction occurs as soon as the substrate is loaded onto the column. The sample is recovered from the column quantitatively either by gravity-flow or by centrifugation. Since the enzymes are covalently bound, they remain in the column after reaction and product elution, making the columns reusable. The eluted product solution is free of enzyme and does not require enzyme removal steps. This saves time and valuable resources. Features: • Covalently bound enzymes enable fast and easy handling • Immobilization prevents loss of enzyme activity • High enzymatic densities and very high activities • Simple product recovery by centrifugation or elution by gravity-flow • Suitable for small and large volumes – no sample dilution • Treat larger volumes using syringes or chromatography tubing with standard Luer-lock connections • The eluted product solution is free of enzyme and does not require enzyme removal steps • Enjoy short reaction and treatment times • Reusability - use the columns multiple times • Sample solutions down to 20 μl can be treated and recovered
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Unit Size: 0.4 mAnson-U
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: 4 °C
Subcategory: Enzymes
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