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MobiTEVProtease2 (TurboTEV), recombinant GST- & His-Tag

MobiTEVProtease2 (TurboTEV), recombinant GST- & His-Tag
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Description: MoBiTec’s TEV protease, MobiTEVProtease2 (TurboTEV), contains an enhanced form of a catalytic fragment of the N1a protein of Tobacco etch virus (TEV), a cysteine protease that recognizes the cleavage site of Glu-Asn-Leu-Tyr-Phe-Gln-Gly/Ser and cleaves between Gln and Gly/Ser. MobiTEVProtease2 is a restriction grade protease that has a robust activity at 4°C with high specificity and excellent stability. It does not require any special buffer for its activity and can be used in a buffer most suitable for the target protein. MobiTEVProtease2 is a 52 kDa protein with both GST and His tags so it can be removed by either Ni-chelating or Glutathione (GSH) resin. Protein Type: Protease. Source: E. coli. Specific Activity:> 10 Units/µg. 1 Unit of MobiTEVProtease2 Protease cleaves >85% of 3 µg of control substrate in 1 hour at 30°C.
Order #: PR-ETA10050-05
Unit Size: 10 mg (100.000 U)
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: BI
Storage: -20 °C
Subcategory: Enzymes
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