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Lab Columns Ni-IDA

Lab Columns Ni-IDA
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Description: Ni-IDA Columns for Purification of His-tagged Proteins. Features: • Easy, fast, and cost-effective routine purification of recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins under native and denaturing conditions starting from diverse expression systems, e.g., E. coli, yeast, insect, and mammalian cells • Universal use: suitable for small proteins, large protein complexes, proteins with low expression rates • High binding capacity and high affinity • Improved target specificity by optimized silica-based Ni2+-IDA matrix • Imidazol-free loading and washing buffer. His-Tagged Protein Purification: Histidine-tagged protein purification uses affinity chromatography to capture recombinant proteins with 4 - 10 histidine residues. Ni-IDA columns from MoBiTec contain a silica-based resin. The form-stable silica matrix is pre-charged with Ni2+ ions and allows purification on the principle of Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC). Binding of proteins is based on the interaction between the polyhistidine tag of a recombinant protein and immobilized Ni2+ ions. The chelating group of the Ni-IDA resin is based on iminodiacetic acid (IDA), which enables strong and efficient binding of target protein to the IMAC matrix. In contrast to traditional IDA matrices, MoBiTec Ni-IDA matrix is an optimized matrix with low density of IDA ligands. This non-saturating surface concentration of IDA eliminates almost all non-specific interactions of contaminating host proteins with the adsorbent. As a result, Lab Columns Ni-IDA and Mobicol Spin Ni-IDA columns provide much higher target protein purity. Lab Columns Ni-IDA: Lab Columns Ni-IDA are designed for fast and simple purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins without the need for a pump or purification system. Special column frits protect the chromatography medium from running dry during the process. A single column allows purification of approximately 90 mg of protein. Large volumes of clarified samples can easily be applied and the purified protein can be eluted in a small volume, resulting in a highly concentrated target protein. Benefits: • For protein purification by gravity-flow • Maximal binding capacity: up to 90 mg protein per column • Protein recovery rate of > 80% • Columns are long-term storable and reusable
Order #: PR-HTK010
Unit Size: 10 columns
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: RT
Storage: RT
Subcategory: Protein Purification
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