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TransIT®-Oligo Transfection Reagent (Mirus Bio SKU: MIR 2160)

TransIT®-Oligo Transfection Reagent (Mirus Bio SKU: MIR 2160)
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Description: A high efficiency, low toxicity, transfection reagent optimized for oligonucleotide delivery into a wide range of cell types: • Unique Formulation - Maximize transfection performance of oligonucleotides into a wide range of cells • Low Cellular Toxicity - Maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases • High Efficiency Delivery - Achieve high transfection efficiency in cells to ensure experimental success. Oligonucleotides tested: phosphodiester DNA, phosphothioate DNA (sDNA), phosphothioate RNA (sRNA), 2'OMe RNA, 2'OMe RNA/sDNA Chimerics, Morpholino/DNA duplexes, siRNA and miRNA.
Order #: MIR-2160
Unit Size: 1 ml
Supplier: Mirus Bio
Restrictions: Only available in Germany, Austria and Hungary
Shipping: n.a.
Storage: See data sheet
Subcategory: Oligonucleotide Transfection
More information: Go to webpage
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