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E. coli vector pUC119

E. coli vector pUC119
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Description: pUC119 is a high copy phagemid cloning vector for cloning and replication in E. coli and production of single-stranded DNA. It has been constructed by inserting the intergenic region (IG region) of the M13 phage DNA into the NdeI site of the pUC19 plasmid. This IG region contains the M13 origin of replication. Infection by the helper phage M13KO7 induces the production of single stranded pUC119 DNA, which is predominantly packaged into phage particles and then is released from bacterial cells. In addition, there is almost no contamination by the single stranded DNA of the helper phage. Using this system, single stranded DNA from large DNA fragments (up to 7 kb) can be stably obtained without deletion.
Order #: V33402
Unit Size: 2x 25 µg
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: BI
Storage: -20 °C
Subcategory: E. coli Expression SystemsE. coli Expression SystemsE. coli Expression SystemsE. coli Expression Systems
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