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NICE® Lactococcus lactis expression Strain NZ3910, food grade, (lacF)

NICE® Lactococcus lactis expression Strain NZ3910, food grade, (lacF)
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Description: Lactococcus lactis Expression Systems - Lactic acid bacteria are a group of low GC content Gram-positive, nonsporulating bacteria with a relatively small genome. Lactic acid bacteria are widely found in nature and used in the food industry for production and preservation of fermented products. These bacteria are considered to be GRAS (generally regarded as safe) organisms. Lactococcus lactis has a long history of safe usage in food production. Several expression systems, notably the NICE system, have been developed for this organism. The NICE system allows for tightly controlled expression using the food grade inducer peptide nisin. This system has become one of the most successful and widely used tool for regulated gene expression in Gram-positive bacteria. Next to the inducible system, MoBiTec offers a constitutive gene expression system for Lactococcus lactis. which is easy-to-operate. An inducible expression system can be suitable in cases where the aim is to overproduce a protein at high levels at a specific moment. However, it is less suitable for other purposes, such as in situ production in the human body, in which a steady-state gene expression is required. In these applications, constitutive promoters could be an alternative choice. Features: • Stable, high-yield protein production; easy-to-handle • Metabolite engineering • Intracellular expression or secretion • Food grade protein expression possible • Inducible and constitutive expression systems • Endotoxin-free • No inclusion bodies • Reduced protease activity • Expression of genes with toxic products • Expression of membrane proteins • Suitable also for other lactic acid bacteria • Simple fermentation, scale-up & downstream processing •Safe platform for production of biotherapeutics and diet components • New frontiers in disease prevention - live biotherapeutic production: genetically modulated Lactococcus lactis bacteria that are able to in situ express a variety of therapeutic proteins
Order #: VS-ELS03910-01
Unit Size: 1 ml
Supplier: MoBiTec GmbH
Shipping: Dry Ice
Storage: -80 °C
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