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Echelon Biosciences offers the worldwide most comprehensive product range for lipid research. The company is engaged in the study of lipid signaling and critical metabolic enzymes, which provides new and viable targets for the development of potential drugs and diagnostics for cancer, diabetes, inflammation, infections, and cardiovascular disease.

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Lipid Strips and Arrays

Echelon Biosciences’ Lipid Strips and Arrays are simple, but highly effective and widely used assays to study lipid-protein interactions.

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PIP Strips are hydrophobic membranes that have been spotted with eight phosphoinositides and seven other biologically important lipids. These strips can be used to determine if a protein of interest interacts with one or more of these lipids in a simple protein-lipid overlay assay.

Lipid Beads

Lipid Beads™ provide an ideal platform for the in vitro identification of lipid-protein interactions using either purified recombinant proteins or transfected cell lysates.

PIP Mass Assays

Phosphoinositides Signaling: Phosphatidylinositol phosphates (PIPs) are more than just membrane components. They are universal signaling entities that regulate cell activities through direct interaction with membrane proteins (e.g., ion channels, GPCRs) or through membrane recruitment of cytosolic proteins containing domains that directly bind phosphoinositides. In addition to its effect on cell proliferation, survival, and metabolism associated with Akt signaling, phosphoinositide signaling also induces cytoskeletal changes and actin remodeling, and plays a role in clathrin-mediated endocytosis, vesicle trafficking, membrane dynamics, autophagy, cell division/cytokinesis, cell migration, and UV stress response. Echelon Biosciences currently carries 5 PIPn Mass ELISA kits that can measure the relative levels of 5 different PIPn. Each PIP ELISA uses a lipid extraction protocol designed for the extraction of phosphoinositides (PIPn) which are then analyzed in a competitive ELISA.

PI3K Assays

PI3-Kinases are a family of enzymes involved in cellular functions such as cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, motility, survival and intracellular trafficking, which in turn are involved in cancer. Echelon Biosciences’ PI3-Kinase product line offers many assay platforms for the detection of PI3 Kinase activity.

Extracellular Matrix Products

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is known to participate in cell adhesion and cell-to-cell communication and has been implicated in the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Echelon Biosciences has developed a number of tools to interrogate the function of ECM components, including ELISAs (Top Seller: Competitive Hyaluronic Acid ELISA) and fluorescently conjugated ECM components.

NEW: Select-HA™ – For Tight Size Control

Both Hyaluronic Acid (HA) concentration and its molecular weight changes in certain diseases. Using monodisperse HA standards, the molecular weight of HA can now be determined by gel electrophoresis.


Echelon Biosciences offers a variety of lipids that can be used to generate liposomes in vitro.

Shuttle PIPs

Echelon Biosciences’ Shuttle PIP™ kits are designed for scientists interested in visualizing and localizing intracellular phosphoinositides. The kits contain labeled and unlabeled carrier proteins for the intracellular delivery of fluorescent and nonfluorescent phosphoinositides.

Lipid Antibodies

Lipids have emerged as complex players in cellular signaling, membrane trafficking, and are increasingly investigated as potential therapeutic targets. This swell of interest in lipid biology requires appropriate tools for visualizing and understanding their function. Echelon Biosciences offers a wide selection of lipid antibodies that have been validated across a range of applications including ICC and IHC.


Hundreds of different lipids are available: • Phospholipids • Phosphoinositides • Sphingolipids • Isoprenoids • Bioactive lipids • Deuterated analogs • And many more…

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PIP Strips
PIP Strips Order #: P-6001-EC
Unit: 2 PK
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Biotin Sphingomyelin
Biotin Sphingomyelin Order #: S-400B-EC
Unit: 100 UG
246.00 € *
N-Biotin Ceramide 1-phosphate
Unit: 50 UG
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N-Biotin Ceramide 1-phosphate
N-Biotin Ceramide 1-phosphate Order #: S-500B-2-EC
Unit: 100 UG
226.00 € *
N-NBD Ceramide 1-phosphate
N-NBD Ceramide 1-phosphate Order #: S-500N6-EC
Unit: 50 UG
264.00 € *
N-NBD Ceramide 1-phosphate
N-NBD Ceramide 1-phosphate Order #: S-500N6-2-EC
Unit: 100 UG
450.00 € *
N-Stearoyl Ceramide 1-phosphate
Unit: 1 MG
103.00 € *
N-Stearoyl Ceramide 1-phosphate
Unit: 5 MG
394.00 € *
N-Stearoyl Ceramide 1-phosphate
Unit: 10 MG
643.00 € *
Biotin-Lactosylceramide Order #: S-600B-EC
Unit: 10 UG
126.00 € *
Biotin-Lactosylceramide Order #: S-600B-2-EC
Unit: 50 UG
547.00 € *
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Screening Service
Unit: 20 SAMPLES
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